Regina Humphrey

Regina Humphrey is a Graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2016, Regina graduated from Saint Peter's University with a  BA in Graphic Arts and a minor in Marketing Management. She is passionate artist who loves to put a smile on her clients faces. She gives her clients one one-on-one meetings and isn't afraid to give her clients advice on their projects. Regina's experience stems from freelancing for small to medium corporation.
In July 2017 she interned at Komar, an apparel manufacturing company. during her time, she assisted creative art directors in different retail departments like Ralph Lauren Polo, Kate spade and DKNY. Later, Regina designed a T-shirt logo for celebrity baker, Charmaine "Cakediva" jones. recently, she created a logo for non-profit company, MVP swimmers. Regina owns an e-commerce business where she creates patterns and illustrations. You feel contact her freelance services on her contact page.  As of July 2021, she is a Illustration-S member in Society of Illustration.
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